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Stan Brouard are proud to bring Tancredi Sofas to Guernsey

Hand crafted, Italian excellence.  Made by hand from the finest materials by some of the world's best craftsmen, all of the Tancredi range come with a certificate of authentication. 

Take a Look at the Trancredi Range. Contact Stan Brouard with your requirements

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At Buoyant, we are extremely proud to build over a century’s worth of knowledge, experience and quality into every piece of furniture we make.

We are proud of our heritage and our part in British manufacturing history

Buoyant was established in Sandiacre, Nottingham by Ebeneezer Savage in 1909. We quickly built a reputation for quality and became the leading supplier of upholstered furniture for cinemas, theatres and luxury cruise liners.

The Buoyant Range at Stan Brouard

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About Lebus

Lebus Upholstery, which was established in 1840, has become one of the largest furniture manufacturers of UK produced upholstery,

based in North Lincolnshire. We have a modern purpose-built 250,000 square feet factory supplying a wide range of furniture retailers across the UK and Ireland.

The Lebus Range

Sofahouse at Stan Brouard

Sofahouse Imports Ltd was founded in 2002 and specialise in the wholesale of sofas, rugs and carpet in Ireland and the UK.

Take a look at the Sofahouse range. Available at Stan Brouard's

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