The Denby Summerhouse

The Denby is a contemporary pent-roof summerhouse that allows in maximum light for that open, airy feel. 4ft double doors are fitted as standard, these can be positioned centrally or off-set to the left or right if preferred. One side window that features a top-opener is also included, this can go at either end or an additional end window can be added at a small on-cost. All windows and doors feature toughened glass.

The Regent

The Regent is possibly the best value summerhouse on the market. It is a simple, yet stylish building that will enhance any garden. Fitted as standard with black antique-style hinges and door handles including lock & key.

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Lawnhouse Summerhouse

The building is made with redwood tongue and groove and comes with quality green mineral felt on the roof.

The Lawnhouse features half glazed joinery made double doors with antique style hinges, 3 lever lock and handle. The building has two fixed windows to the front and two side windows. Optional extras include a verandah, factory spray paint, scalloped fasica or additional windows.

The Western Summerhouse

The Weston is a contemporary style building with an apex style roof. Featuring fully glazed (toughened glass) windows and doors with a side window (fully glazed) in the centre so can be put to whichever side you require. The number of windows on the front changes to your ordered size, for example the 10' front would feature a set of doors and 2 windows.

Chalet and Summer house price list

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